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Cruz Control and the Constitution — Part 1

Cruz Control and the Constitution — Part 1

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As a scholar of the US Constitution, Donald J. Trump is a wonderful bartender. But that is quite all right. Given what seems to be the mood of voters this presidential election year, the Nation seems more disposed to want to vent to its bartender, as a secular priest presiding over a bibulous secular confessional, than to deal calmly, seriously, and rationally with actual policy issues of war, peace, and poverty. Those hundreds of thousands of people depicted in Leni Riefenstahl's Triumph of the Will were probably not gathered for a seminar on the relationship between the poetry of Schiller and German idealism, either. Similarly, as a Nation, we seem to want to feel more than to think. So Trump is probably much more simpatico with today’s neo-Weimarian Zeitgeist than I: don’t listen, j...
Womb With a View Redux — Part 2

Womb With a View Redux — Part 2

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For part 1 of this post, see (Correction: In part 1 of this post, I referred to “36 other substances / devices for contraception”. The correct number should be 14 other methods. The ACA contraception mandate covers 18, not 40, contraceptive methods (20 total, but 18 for women) approved by the FDA, 4 of which were at issue in the Hobby Lobby case.) All that said, however, we must also acknowledge that by no means are all the problems with the Hobby Lobby ruling “pseudo”. Some are both significant and real, such as … o The real (potential) problem of the case for Hobby Lobby being argued and decided on a statutory rather than constitutional basis  As paradoxical as it perhaps may sound at first, the fact that the Hobby ...

Witness Wednesday – Where is Love?

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Two youth meet and hug-- a visible testimony to tender loving care. What can you be a visible witness to? What message does your heart beat? The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that's wrong with the world. Paul Farmer Yesterday and today, the Supreme Court of the US has been issuing rulings on a variety of topics. Some responses require joy, some require lament. We cannot forget the lament. As Dr. Traci West, theologian, posted on Facebook: I just listened to one gay rights advocate standing in front of the Supreme Court jubilantly declare that clearly the Supreme Court stands for equality and justice for all United States citizens. "What? Didn't you hear anything about the Voting Rights decision yesterday?" I ridiculously yelled out in disgust to someone who could n...