Saturday, December 5

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Gratitude for Sunshine

Gratitude for Sunshine

It's been a rainy rainy spring this year in the Seattle area. Yesterday I had a pretty low day. But today the sun is shining and I am so grateful for that blessing. Such a life lifter. I wish you sunny skies in your heart and in your world. The sun is bright, my heart is bright, the world is bright. --Anon

Roots in the Sun

A meditation on Hildegard of Bingen, Doctor of the Church Most noble evergreen with your roots in the sun: you shine in the cloudless sky of a sphere no earthly eminence can grasp, enfolded in the clasp of ministries divine. You blush like the dawn, you burn like a flame of the sun. ~From O Nobillissima Viriditas Don't ask me where the evergreen went!