Saturday, October 24

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Mindful Monday: Pocket Guru

Buddhism, mindfulness, Spirituality
Last Monday, I wrote about the "Stop, Drop, and Text" program sponsored by the Zen Monastery Peace Center. I've participated for two of the four weeks now and find it very helpful. Three times a day, I actually remember to "wake up" and text my facilitator about what inner process/sensation and emotions are occurring and how I'm attempting to work with them. S/he gives supportive and insightful assistance almost every time. It's like having a pocket guru. (1) When I was afraid, Pocket Guru said, "Who or what is afraid? Is that you or some piece of conditioning?" (2) When I felt sick at heart, Pocket Guru suggested, "It would be interesting to practice holding that sick feeling in your loving attention and see what happens." (3) I requested help dealing with worry, saying that I knew wha...
Mindful Monday: Scam Alert

Mindful Monday: Scam Alert

Buddhism, inner peace, mindfulness, Spirituality
Last week, I started a mindfulness practice called Stop, Drop, and Text, sponsored by the Zen Monastery Peace Center and I wrote about Stop, Drop, and Text back in April, fully intending to sign up for the first practice session. I forgot. So much for mindfulness. However, I got organized when I heard the series would be offered again, signed up in time, and have been at it a week now. The Stop, Drop, and Text practice asks for a commitment to a four-week, text-based correspondence in which the student texts a trained facilitator three times a day about his/her mental “process” in that moment. The text includes three components: identifying (1) what process is happening in your perception of your experience, (2) what you are seeing about that process, and (3) where yo...
Mindful Monday: Stop, Drop, and Text

Mindful Monday: Stop, Drop, and Text

Buddhism, contemplation, mindfulness, spiritual practice, Spirituality
I just received an email from Living Compassion, a program associated with the Zen Monastery Peace Center in Murphys, CA. The email offers the opportunity to commit to a six-week text-based class in which we text a trained facilitator three times a day about our “process” in that moment. What is a process text? “It includes three components: identifying (1) the process you are looking at, (2) what you are seeing about that process, and (3) where you want to go next.” That is, morning, afternoon, and evening, you Stop, Drop, and Text: “Stop (what you are doing), Drop (into the moment and notice), and send a Text to your facilitator” about it, comprised of 50 words or fewer. Not yet clear? Here’s an example provided by Living Compassion: “I am noticing how the voices are commenting on what...