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Daily Practice 2017.08.16 – This is Theater!

Questioning your identity provides for growth. If you are co-identified with whiteness, money, and sexual conquest, then your identity is shattered when these are undercut. When whiteness is revealed to be a cardhouse built on shifting ground, when the economy rumbles and tanks, when folks are sexually rejected, then that old humiliation rises up and the only way to compensate for humiliation and lack of solid identity is to burrow deeper into unstable ground. In leadership theory, the process of change is kind of like a swamp. You move forward through the swamp with difficulty. But those folks who can’t take the identity challenge, run back to the stable ground that they just left. There, they are left behind and they are replaced.

Daily Practice 2017.07.26 – I Can Trust You

“I wonder about Manuel’s co-workers. Are they afraid of losing their jobs? The black snake of terror is a steel band that chokes their hearts and squeezes and squeezes until hurtful things are said in righteous anger. Held tight by the snake they defend themselves with loud proclamations about immigrants and walls, while the object of their fear stands before them, like Jesus before Pilate.  The snake has become our God, our craven idol, the tool of our new demagogue. It is the evil Manuel prays will not come slithering at him one day, without warning.”