Monday, July 6

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dearest, walk in love’s spirit see beauty abounding witness to ugliness cast out no one revel in joy reject causing pain be grace filled transcend petty concerns live life intimately always laugh at yourself never at others love saints and sinners everyone is equal everyone loves love everyone as i love you. Shalom. In response to prompts from Verse in a Nutshell.

“The Hidden Power of the Gospels”

Religion, Scripture, Spirituality
I just heard Alexander Shaia speak at the Spiritual Director's International conference.  Again, my brain might have an aneurysm.  ;-)  His thesis is that the gospel stories were selected and ordered (the ancient order is Matthew, Mark, John, Luke-Acts) to reveal to us an overarching story of the four-fold path.  And that this four-fold path, he calls it the Quadratos.  This is the way it works is below.  What follows is the truth from the Jewish faith, the truth from the Buddhist path, the truth from the medicine wheel of aboriginal faiths, and the truth from the four pillars of Islam.  There is an absolutely amazing connection.  Matthew = How you face CHANGE = Jews in Egypt = 1st noble truth, life is suffering = West, death = fasting Mark = How you face SUFFERING = Jews in Egypt = ori...