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Hamburger And Handel, Porterhouse And Picasso

Hamburger And Handel, Porterhouse And Picasso

I want to solicit the help of – as strange as this is going to sound, coming from me – conservative, pro-life / anti-abortion, evangelical Christians in understanding something that has happened to me multiple times in debates about abortion. By “multiple times,” I mean so often that I have come to expect some cognate of this pattern to recur as a matter of course. As you might expect, the whole debate turns on the issue of the “ontological” status of the fetus in the mother’s womb:  is the fetus a human person or not, and if the fetus is human, when in the pregnancy does the fetus attain this status of person-hood? As I have said elsewhere, I have no idea what the answer to the above italicized question is, and my entire stance of being pro-choice is predicated on my ignorance a...

soul, as incorruptible as stone

there are transitional moments, spaces filled with wildfire and earthquake and avalanche, yet wilderness speaks more of the sun pouring his heart out in dapples and of the paced stew of the ever-changing seasons, the promise of rough footpaths alongside the lives of trees and lonely lakes that mirror endless sky-play and always those smart birds hitching free rides on thermal columns how cherish-able is the insouciance of the wild, how prized for its medicinal value, for its stringy-barked eucalyptus and curly moss, the breathe of its purity in the tossing up and carving out of shapely mountains and palisades, high-principled stone obelisks rising from frothing seas and from the evergreen stillness of the land, the wilderness ~ so reverent in their prayers, their songs...
Mindful Monday: Sanded down to the soul

Mindful Monday: Sanded down to the soul

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"To stand up and be worn to something deeper is a pledge that living forces us to keep... The current of life requires us to stand up, again and again, and we are not defeated when we are worn down, just exposed anew at a deeper level." -- Mark Nepo As I've mentioned before, my family has experienced several health crises and deaths over the past few years. During this time, grief and anxiety wore me down and broke me more than once. I confess that I've come to believe that being broken means to be forever fragile. From that perspective, though, going on living feels untenable and terrifying. Nepo says that severe hardships and pain do not have to defeat us but instead can sand us down to the soul, revealing something new. What emerges when sadness, exhaustion, and fear are worn away?....