Wednesday, September 30

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Tuesday’s Temptation: Letting Others Steal Your Joy

Tuesday’s Temptation: Letting Others Steal Your Joy

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This morning, I found out that the Supreme Court made a decision that upheld immunity from prosecution for the police. In the specific case, an officer shot a woman four times. She was holding a knife. Pointed down at the ground, not up in a threatening manner. She was shot four times and survived. She sued the officer. He countered with an immunity claim. After various courts saying "no" then "yes," it found its way to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court sided with the officer. This took my generally decent morning and turned it upside down. I find it sad that we cannot allow a civil or criminal court to come to the conclusion that the officer acted rightly or wrongly. I especially dislike the message this gives to policing at large that is, "My bad decision is immune from accountabil...

Overwhelmed with Sadness – Prayerful Tuesday

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I have been trying to think about what to say about the Umpqua shootings but my heart is breaking and my mind won’t process this.  So I am asking you for your prayer this week to write letters to your legislators about gun legislation, talk to your neighbors about keeping safe, and get involved in your community and/or church youth programs.  Talk kids and get to know your own children and the children they play with. Keep the kids involved with family and community and help them find safe ways to release anger and frustration.  If you need a gun for hunting then talk to every member of the family about gun safety and keep your guns in a secure gun safe when you aren’t using them.  I know that isn’t much but if all of us become more aware and involved in the efforts to regulate guns in a...

Prayers, Wildfires in Washington and Oregon – Prayerful Tuesday

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Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I fear no evil; for you are with me; your rod and your staff— they comfort me. Psalm 23:4 Today I am asking you to offer prayers for those in the fire zones in Washington and Oregon and for the families and friends of the three firefighters who lost their lives in a fire storm August 19, 2015.  These men and women turn and run into the fire to protect, our homes, our loved ones, and the forests and animals that live there.  To them we owe our gratitude and prayers. So today I ask you to offer a prayer for our all our fire fighters many who come from across the country and the globe to help protect our homes and planet, May the Holy Spirit keep them safe. Offer prayers of comfort for those who live in the fire zone and have lost their ...