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Daily Practice for 2016.02.07

Daily Practice for 2016.02.07

Word: I am focusing on using people's vision words for 2016 for a few daily prayers. Today, I am using "wisdom" from Janice to guide my selections. If you share your word, I will use it over the next few days! I will be taking a break from words during Lent to focus on Lenten words. I am inspired by Native American words of wisdom, the poetry of Sri Chimnoy, and sacred words from Friedrich Nietzsche. The word wisdom always makes me think of the word sophia which is the Greek word for wisdom. Sophia shows up in Proverbs as the presence who was there during creation. Sophia also ties into Greek philosophy and was an honored goddess. It is no mistake at all that she is present in the story of creation in Proverbs 8! Sophia was powerful and has been stripped out of our understanding of ...


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 A couple notes...the scripture reading talks of Christ, the cornerstone, a living stone precious in God's sight.  That led me to precious stones.  Then I looked up the four precious stones:  ruby, sapphire, emerald, and diamond.  In ancient China, rubies used to be buried beneath the foundations (cornerstones) of buildings.  Rubies were considered the "Lord of gems" and a ruby was placed around Aaron's neck.  The Bible also says that "wisdom is more precious than rubies." (Job).  And wisdom, sophia, is associated with logos, word, in the Gospel of John. beautiful ruby touches my heart delicate chain entwined Inspired by the Lenten Journey reading of 1 Peter 2:4-10 People on a Lenten Journey Lorot Poetry:  Echoes of the Hills Becca Givens at On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea Terri at ...

March 30: Writing

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. logos dances the cosmos into being expresses the unspoken creation expresses the unspoken dances the cosmos into being logos .   Note:  Logos is the Greek word for word.  It is also the Gospel of John's reference to the incarnate divine.  March 30 :  On this day in 1858, the patent for a pencil with an attached eraser was issued. Reflect on writing, erasing, or the tension of writing and erasing Please add your link in the comments or paste your submission into the comments. Be a good neighbor and visit and comment on other folk’s works! Please tag your work “MarchChallenge” P.S. A compilation of all links can be found here. Today’s Postings: Cloaked Monk Lady Nimue Renee Mangetout Etc. Becca Givens Sharmishtha Basu Verse in a Nutshell Haiku Love Songs  Mike Patrick Light Verse  Budd...