Friday, May 14

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Tuesday’s Temptation: Rushing Ahead

Tuesday’s Temptation: Rushing Ahead

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It is the US way, isn't it? Rushing ahead? Being more productive with less resources in a shorter amount of time? Working longer hours with less vacation? At least that is the story we tell ourselves. The US isn't quite tops in most hours worked and being most productive, but we are definitely up there. Today, I will make this entry short and sweet. The actual most productive country in the world works an average of 10 hours less than the US per worker. Luxembourg tops the charts and has an average of 29 hours per week worked. The contribution per worker is $93.4 per hour worked vs $68.3 for the US. Luxembourg doesn't need to work amount the US is working because they trounce us in productivity. Which just goes to show that sometimes less is more. Slowing down can cause increase. And se...
Being Still with Velma Frye

Being Still with Velma Frye

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Join me in listening to the beautiful chant by Velma Frye. It is a call to stillness. Rest. Sabbath. And a reminder that stillness often is associated with darkness. Imagine the seeds germinating in the darkest earth. Seemingly still, but so much creative energy stirring up unbeknownst to observation! But the stillness is what nurtures it. The darkness. The coldness. Be still. Be Still by Velma Frye Be still. Be still. Be still. Go deep into the silence of the night and robe yourself in darkness. See with the heart into the dark of the night. So silent the night. So dark the night. Be still. Be still. Be still. Be still. Be still. Be still. What will you do to create stillness in your life? How can you use darkness to create wholeness? Maybe you will join me in listening to Velma Frye's so...

Awakening to Enough on Wakeful Wednesday

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This week has been a struggle to sift through finance commitments. That is never a truly fun experience. But, upon reflection, I can see the grace in seeing where our money goes and what we are doing with it. And what we want vs. what we need. Or even more, when do we have enough? There are some strange parables about managing money out there. There is the story of the widow's mite where a woman gives her two mites in support of the Temple, exemplifying sacrificial giving. Not so strange. But that is in the same writings that the story of the Good Manager is in. The Good Manager is a money-manager for a rich man. He takes the rich man's money and does a bad job managing the money. He is about to be let go and apparently has a deadline.  I imagine, "You have two months to shape this up and ...