Wednesday, August 4

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Sunny Sunday – Finding Love in Others

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Where is your light today? What is leading you? What is giving you hope? Joy? Where do you find life? Today's post is a guest entry from my son, Colin Jon David Stewart, in celebration of his one year anniversary. A relationship that gives him great hope and joy. And I have to brag on him a moment, he carries his shenanigans out into the world by advocating for equal rights, education advocacy on a state level, and by teaching classes such as "Gender." Dear loved one; First, I want to say that you mean the stars to me That you light up the room with an otherworldly glow And that every time I see you this goofy grin just starts to cover my face and I want to hug you and, and, and Well, you know the one The one that is screaming I love you before I can say it The one that goes along with a...
Shenanigators Wanted

Shenanigators Wanted

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A shenanigator is someone who is shaking things up by transforming messages of hate to messages of love, or pushing on institutional boundaries, or being servant love in a radical and new way in the world in such a way that it causes discomfort or annoyance in others, preferably those in power, but provides a witness for peace, justice, mercy, and love to the world. Who do you think is a shenanigator and why?