Friday, April 16

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Daily Practice for December 16, 2016

Daily Practice for December 16, 2016

Word:  Chrysty, who writes Beguine Again's Friday gratitude practice, writes today about Gratitude for the Bravery of Love. Today she shares this: Like so many people, I despair at all the hate in the world sometimes. It just seems so overwhelming. And sometimes it is not the big, grand gestures that help me realign my vision to view the immense amount of love in the world too. But rather the love of regular people doing common things. I have a favorite show at the moment, Critical Role. It doesn't air on TV but rather online through Geek and Sundry's streaming services. It's a reality fantasy show. (I love that juxtaposition!) Critical Role streams the live Dungeons and Dragons game of eight voice actors. There is so much love in the show. Love for the game. Love for each other. Love f...

UNBUNTU ~ “I am because we are.”

Nadira Cotticollan (Dreaming through Twilight) from Kannur, India shared this with us on Facebook. I'm just in love with the idea of it. Wouldn't it be a joy if people the world over adopted this phrase and philosophy?  How civilized (and more practical) this value is than our Western individuality and winner-takes-all values. The Xhosa, by the way, are a Bantu people from South Africa.  Their name is pronounced with a clicking sound for the "X" followed by "hosa." This illustration may be copyrighted. I've been unable to find its origin. - Jamie Dedes (The Poet by Day)