Sunday, January 24

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sludge washes to shore whales die of hunger and shame rivers of refuse Daily Haiku #7 Word Challenge:  Anger The Haiku Challenge  Genesis 1:28 - God blessed them and said, "Bear fruit, increase your numbers, and fill the earth--and be responsible for it!  Watch over the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, and all the living things on the earth!" Photos:  Jose Luis Bello, LA Times, baby seals covered in oil Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife as in KOMO News, Baby Whale dies in Puget Sound Citarum River in Indonesia as at Fire Earth:  Environmental Issues

who are we?

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who are we? walking through this world as if we are without consequence bangledesh sewing our pants for fifty cents an hour claiming that we do not enslave or put people into jeopardy, innocent of wrong-doing watching court tv and accusing those raised without light while we horde the oil. it will not matter that we have Abraham as our ancestor. ~Terri Stewart, Dec. 2010 Meditation on Matthew 3:1-12, prompted this morning by Christine Valters Paintner of Abbey of the Arts and the question, "who are the kindred?"  Sometimes, the kindred are not pretty. Shalom, Terri

Guidelines to Reading Scripture

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Reading scripture during church can be a wonderful gift to the community and to yourself. There is an opening up process that is beautiful. Below are some tips: 1. A fabulous resource about reading scripture is here: “Do you believe that when you are reading Scripture in public worship you are proclaiming the Word of God? Those reading the Scriptures must understand the significance and privilege of their task. But sometimes, as I watch people reading Scripture during the offices or the liturgy, as I listen to the ways in which they read, or as I watch their body language, I ask myself whether they really believe they are presenting the Word of God to those present, that it really is the Word of Go...