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Mindful Monday: Gratitude: Acceptance of What Is

Mindful Monday: Gratitude: Acceptance of What Is

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Last week, Ruth Jewell wrote about gratitude in her post "Thank you - Prayerful Tuesday." A few days later, I stumbled across some videos of Br. David Steindl-Rast and Roshi Joan Halifax on Halifax's new YouTube channel discussing the same topic. I can't remember which ones of the twelve videos listed on this topic contain the messages I will share here, but you can listen for yourself to hear these masters of mindfulness ponder aloud the notion of gratefulness. Br. Steindl-Rast's definition of gratefulness is acceptance of what is, and by that he means acceptance of what's happening in the present moment, even the people, situations, and events we find hard to accept. Whenever we like or dislike what's happening right now, our ego is operating. When we accept what is, the ego dissolves. ...

Prayerful Tuesday: In the Stranger

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I am attending Turner Lectures in Yakima this week and the focus of study is the Road Emmaus.  I have always been struck by the verse that says "they knew him in the breaking of the bread." A simple act, an every day act.  It is in the sharing of a meal that Jesus becomes real to the disciples and us.  Not a special meal-an every day meal where you sit down with family and friends, inviting the stranger into your close community.  What a marvelous way to remember the one always invites us to sit down and join him in cup of tea, mug of beer, or maybe a nice glass of wine. Today when you go break for lunch or a coffee break look around you who would you never think to invite into your circle? Consider asking that person to join you for in the encounter with stranger you may just receive Jesu...

Beginning Again: New Contributors

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Last week, I introduced the theme of beginning again. I characterized it as a return to what is calling you. Poorly worded, perhaps! I would further expand it to a deepening awareness of that which is in your inmost heart calling, urging you to completion. That seems pretty yummy to me. Part of what is in my inmost heart is to conspire with others and have a co-creation of online sacred space. The work was begun on, but it has not been brought to completion. Community can bring this together! And as such, I would like to expand your community to include two of my dear friends, Michelle Conklin and Ruth Jewell. Ruth Jewell recently received her Masters of Divinity from Seattle University, School of Theology and Ministry.  She is currently in-care at Queen Anne Christian Chu...