Wednesday, March 3

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A Net for Catching Days

A Net for Catching Days

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I've been feeling pulled toward liturgical worship recently, and I couldn't figure out why. I grew up going to a Southern Baptist church only occasionally.  I don't think I even heard the word liturgy until seminary. Even then,"liturgical" was a synonym for "BORING." When I saw this quote this week, it all started to come together . Maybe I'm drawn to the idea of structure in worship. Structure is God's way of catching me. I've felt lost without work because I don't have any structure in my days. I don't have too little time--I have too much time. I need to create a routine to find God. When I do, God will catch me. One of my favorite things about blogging here is that there's a day each week you can find me. I find you every Sunday, and in that connection, we can find God together. ...

Praying With Gratitude – Prayerful Tuesday

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  While I was traveling in April I carried a small book with me by Mark E. Thibodeaux, SJ titled Reimagining the Ignatian Examen.[1] On our sea days when I would sit on the deck of our cruise ship and watch the ocean go by I various meditations for my daily prayer time. Thibodeaux’s book takes the traditional Examen and includeds a specific focus to use within the prayer practice.  There are 34 different themes and I discovered a number of them to be very helpful for me as I sat in stillness. Over the next several months I will occasionally offer one of the meditations from the book for our Prayerful Tuesday. As today follows Memorial Day when we honor those who have died in service I would like to offer the meditation for Gratitude. First let me offer a few hints from the book t...
Invitation to Ritual Sunday Sharing Bread

Invitation to Ritual Sunday Sharing Bread

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  The practice of sharing bread is as old as bread itself.  Before Jesus Christ broke bread with his followers and said "Take this, all of you, and eat from it..." there was the Jewish practice of the HaMotzi, the blessing over the bread.   To sanctify the Sabbath, the holidays and any celebration bread was blessed with the words "Blessed are you, Lord our G_d, who brings forth bread from the Earth." And well before either of those were laws of Hospitality, sealed with wine and bread.  And the celebrations of the harvest. In the Celtic places of the world the celebration of the first harvest, the harvest of grain, was called Lughnasadh.  Pronounced Loon'-sod, it is celebrated on or around August 1st - in between the Summer Solstice and the Vernal Equinox.  My family and I will ce...