Tuesday, September 29

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Waging the Peace, An Interfaith Exploration

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In December 2015 world events led to a spontaneous eleventh hour special section - Waging the Peace -  in The BeZine, which I edit. This seems a propitious moment to bring to the fore once again those ideas, ideals and experiences shared with us by Rabbi Gershon Steinberg-Caudill, Rev. Ben Meyers, Father Daniel Sormani, C.S. Sp., Sophia Ali-Khan, Israeli-American poet Michael Dickel, and the Venerable Bhikkhu Bodhi. Thanks to all of them and to Carla Prater, the assistant director of Buddhist Global Relief for their contributions to this collection and their assistance. I've included links to each of the features in table of contents for Waging the Peace that is below the following introductory remarks. Rabbi SteinBerg-Caudill (the Interfaith Rabbi) is a teacher who espouses a J...

Oh my! 1967 – the first poem of mine ever to be published; Yikes! 17 years old

Grace, heart, Joy
I was definitely the product you'd expect from the odd and awkward situation in which I grew up and surely I showed little talent, no free thinking and no genius or particular promise. The poem is not good - some youth write profoundly beautiful and wise poetry and young people today are far more savvy than I ever was  -  but it does illustrate that after fifty years or so writing will improve. We writers often have our doubts, but we are an unrelenting bunch. We write, write, write. We enrich, reform and reframe as if every word of ours will spark more Light in the collective unconscious, which I rather think they do. Make of Me a Tree I am young, Lord, but my heart is true, Make of me a tree Make me strong and supple That when tempests blow, I shall stand unyielding. Let ...