Saturday, July 31

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And one more point about Call to Action

Yes, I know.   >< The Call to Action has no theological or scriptural underpinnings.  Bill Mefford does a great job extrapolating this in his blog:  Call to Action NOT Call to Mission.  Here's the beginning: I remember being graded for my first sermon in my preaching class at Asbury Seminary. It was unnerving to say the least, but yet I felt good about what I wanted to say. I felt so good about what I wanted to say, that I had my sermon planned out even before I found a Scriptural passage to preach from. One of the primary lessons our preaching professor taught us was that the power of our sermons were found in the lessons gleaned exegetically from the biblical text itself, even more so than our delivery or tricks of the trade we might pick up. Still, I felt so confident in the poin...

One more point about Call to Action

Interesting point at There are four competing structures being proposed, one from the Western Jurisdiction Bishops and constituencies.  The main point being that the finalized Call to Action was not given to the Bishops allowing them to offer criticism or suggestions.  Now, it is the Bishop's job to set the spiritual tone for the entire church.  The Call to Action is a major piece re-orienting our church and most definitely attempts to set the spiritual tone with a focus on "Go and make disciples!"  Quote: I’m wondering why the Call to Action (when finished) was not shared with the bishops who could then do this type of session to discuss the pluses and minuses and offer revisions before the CtA ever came out to the UM public. The findings from the meetings of every jurisd...

Short Analysis of Call to Action

First, to my non-Methodist friends, this will probably be boring.  Church polity stuff often can be, unless you're a geek like me!  But there are some major structural proposals in front of the global church coming up and here is my brief analysis as executed for Polity class (in 1,000 words or less...couldn't do it...1,600 words or so because I had to get my last point in).  Some folks wanted to read it, so here it is!  Oh, and a note about a particular word:  amenable.  In legal terms, amenable carries quite a lot of weight.  If I am amenable to the President, I must do what the President requests.  Must.  If I am responsible to the President, I should do what the President requests.  Should.  Amenable/Must, Responsible/Should. Call to Action Analysis Soon, the United Methodist Church vi...