Wednesday, June 23

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Advent Week 1: Hope – December 2

Advent is a time of waiting, of expectation for what is to come. It is a time of preparing our hearts and our lives for joy. If we are preparing for joy, we must have hope. Hope that the new thing to come will fill our lives with joy and love. Story of hope:     What is difficult here? What calls to you? How will you respond?  

Invitation and Response

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Note:  This sermon was delivered in a non-traditional format using interactive discussions.  It was quite fun and Parkland UMC'ers were fabulously participatory.  Terri Stewart Sermon:  Matt 22:1-14 Parkland UMC October 9, 2011 Invitation and Response I have been stirring this scripture in my head all week long.  For me, it seems that one of my processes is simply letting things percolate.  It is surprising, sometimes, what comes out.  The two things that kept flowing through my mind were the idea of invitation and the idea of responding to an invitation. Just this last Friday, I was having an event at my home to help a friend out.  Up where I live, in the Northshore School District, we are having elections of the school board.  One of my friends and a fellow PTA mom is running for electi...