Monday, June 14

Tag: reflection


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I have been thinking about this for some time.  I am in the process of renegotiating my relationship with my body.  I have had significant weight loss and am in a weight range I haven't seen since before my daughter was born.  That is (deleted) years ago!  I am not the same person when I look into the mirror.  I think women will understand it when they think of getting their hair changed significantly.  From long to short, curly to straight, straight to curly...suddenly you look in the mirror and it isn't you any more.  That is kind of where I am at right now. Monday, I went into the clothing swap because ALL my clothes fit like doo-doo.  The ladies there asked me to leave the clothing that I was wearing and "forced" me to try on pants in a size that I never ever would've thought I was. ...