Friday, October 23

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This Will Either Fascinate You or Drive You to Drink with Boredom

This Will Either Fascinate You or Drive You to Drink with Boredom

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Let's find out which! Once in a while, for better or for worse, the past comes back to haunt you. An instance of the “better” part of this assertion occurred with me recently when I saw a public TV documentary on mathematics. Much of the documentary revolved around what the physicist and mathematician Eugene Wigner described as the “unreasonable effectiveness” of mathematics in the natural sciences in an essay of that title. Wigner’s famous essay was written around 1960. I first encountered it as an undergraduate math and physics – and, significantly, philosophy – major at Wichita State University in Wichita, KS, during the late 1960s. It stuck around in the back of my mind to haunt me at graduate school in physics about ten years after it was written. But, finding little or no sympathy f...

Prayerful Consideration

This weeks Prayerful Tuesday is on forgiveness and a forgiveness that heals and releases shame and anger. This article is an important one and I would like to offer it as a prayer to be meditated over. My Challenge to each of you is: How do we serve both the victims and their families and the offenders? May each of you prayerfully consider this questions. Ruth Jewell
The Twilight of Citizenship?

The Twilight of Citizenship?

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I wanted to keep writing about Christmas and Advent and waiting and faith – and what all these things mean to me, a born-again skeptic. I really did. All those topics are well worth writing about. But I can’t. For my intentions have been overtaken by events – more specifically, by the events of the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, and the death of Eric Garner, in New York City. As a skeptic, I am more predisposed to concentrate on events and trends in the City of Man, not those of the City of God, though without prejudice to the latter. For recent events do not augur well for life in the former. For all I know, Christians may be right in agreeing with the writer of Philippians 3:20: our real citizenship is in heaven. Yeah. Maybe. But we are stuck here for now, and – for now – it is...