Friday, May 14

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Mindful Monday: Neither past nor future

Mindful Monday: Neither past nor future

awareness, Buddhism, meditation, mindfulness
Quiet the narration in your head, even for a moment, and see for yourself that life is LIFE, and not one minute of it is a retelling or a foretelling. -- Karen Maezen Miller   Are you noticing the narration in your head? ... for Mindful Monday ... Source: Miller, Karen Maezen. Hand Wash Cold: Care Instructions For An Ordinary Life.  Novato, CA: New World Library, p. 45. Photo credit: "Washing on the line in Cinque Terra," rainy city, 2018.
Mindful Monday: What’s so great about now?

Mindful Monday: What’s so great about now?

awareness, Buddhism, mindfulness
Our entire lives are nothing but a chain of moments in which we perceive one sight, taste, smell, touch, sound, feeling, or thought after another. Outside of this process, nothing else happens. —Cynthia Thatcher What are you noticing in this moment through your senses? ... for Mindful Monday ... Source: "What’s So Great About Now?" Tricycle, Winter, 2006. Photo credit: "Cherry tree in bloom @ Jardin Ilan Halimi at Paris," Guilhem Vellut, 2017.
Mindful  Monday: “The air is clear of everything”

Mindful Monday: “The air is clear of everything”

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A Clear Day and No Memories by Wallace Stevens No soldiers in the scenery, No thoughts of people now dead, As they were fifty years ago, Young and living in a live air, Young and walking in the sunshine, Bending in blue dresses to touch something, Today the mind is not part of the weather. Today the air is clear of everything. It has no knowledge except of nothingness And it flows over us without meanings, As if none of us had ever been here before And are not now: in this shallow spectacle, This invisible activity, this sense. What are you noticing about the weather of your mind? ... for Mindful Monday Source: “A Clear Day and No Memories” by Wallace Stevens from Collected Poems. Vintage, 2015. Photo credit: "There's no place like home," Rachel Krame...