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April 6: don’t pray, commune

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don’t pray, commune when you are down upon your knees beseeching or sitting still as a lump in the sanctuary stop. don’t pray. enter into community with the ground of all being in that liminal spot where you experience ancient words of hidden power drawing on the cloud of witnesses. commune. For National Poetry Month and the Writing Prompt of Poetic Asides (don't "_____", "_____") and NaPoWriMo

March 3 Challenge: Communication

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on communication From RealSimple.com i was sitting on the front porch swing wondering to myself about matters of life and death and paying bills not even noticing that you were tip-tip-tapping on my shoulder.   i shooed you away like a pesky fly swirling about my head and shoulders not even feeling the sting of pain that comes when one heart rejects another.   now i wonder. what were you trying to say to me that day?   Written for both the March 3 Challenge and for the Thursday Jingle Poet's Rally. March 3 Challenge:  Communication.  I wonder what you would have said, that you didn't?  What would you have heard, that you ignored?  Whose voices do you say are "other" and not worthy of hearing?  Whose voices get preferential treatment?    Please add your link in the comments or paste your s

dance the prayer

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  dance the prayer i stretch and feel every hair waking in the dawn (of creation?) of the morning and savor the blessed cup (of new life?) of coffee as dreams and visions dance like fairies from behind the veil not yet born calling out to wisdom, go on girl! dance the prayer into being. Terri Stewart, 12/5/2010 This is a poem created by pondering the first week of Advent and prompted by reflections on the writings of Christine Valters Paintner, OblSB,PhD, REACE.  You can find here here.  The words that popped out to me during the pondering of her writings were: Stir Stay awake Waiting, anticipation Alertness, watchfulness Vitality, preparing for birth Birth of God into the world Sacred possibilities Tension Rest deeply Signs and portents I wonder what pops out to you during th