Friday, October 23

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TGIF: Practicing Gratitude

TGIF: Practicing Gratitude

Gratitude is one of the most important things to practice. Here's a video from Brene Brown: "It's not joy that makes us grateful. It's gratitude that makes us joyful." Brene Brown is not speaking to the generic "attitude of gratitude" that we hear about. She is speaking of an actual gratitude practice. Like the ritual from Monday or a gratitude journal. I find to be wonderful. Every day I get an email with a beautiful gratitude quote. They have a post with 30 ideas for practicing gratitude. Sociologists say it. Neuroscientists say it. It must be good for us!  Today, I am grateful for all of the readers who travel this journey with me. I have lit a virtual candle for all of you. You can see your candle here: http://www.g...

Mindful Monday: Stay out of the Roadhouse!

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Currently, I'm taking a month-long email class with Cheri Huber, the Guide at Zen Monastery Peace Center. The class exercises aim to wake us from the trance of ego-identity's voice in our heads, or what Huber calls egocentric karmic conditioning/self-hate. As I was practicing one of the exercises last week, I was struck anew by the extent to which my inner wisdom extends compassion and mercy to other people who are struggling with emotional pain, but when I'm in similar pain myself, my ego-identity voice takes charge and administers verbal self-beatings rather than compassion. As a result of that voice's lifelong dictatorship, I suffer almost constantly. The "reign of terror" is in large measure responsible for the chronic depression and anxiety I have struggled with most of my adult life ...
Mindful Monday: Covered with Diamonds

Mindful Monday: Covered with Diamonds

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"There is no great mystery, really; what we need to do is straightforward. I don't mean that it is easy; the 'path' of practice is not a smooth road. It is littered with sharp rocks that can make us stumble or that can cut right through our shoes. Life itself is hazardous. Encountering the hazards is usually what brings people into Zen centers. The path of life seems to be mostly difficulties, things that give trouble. Yet the longer we practice, the more we begin to understand that those sharp rocks on the road are in fact like precious jewels; they help us to prepare the proper condition for our lives. "The rocks are different for each person. One person might desperately need more time alone; another might desperately need more time with other people. The sharp rock might be working wi...