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Following "The Following"

Following "The Following"

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  Let's face it: there is a certain perverse fascination in watching a group of unfeeling, self-absorbed fanatics fawning uncritically over an automaton-like, hyper-narcissistic leader with grandiose messianic pretensions. But that's enough about the last political convention. I'm actually talking about the hit TV series The Following. The series chronicles the dogged and arguably obsessive pursuit by former FBI agent Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) of a band of sociopathic serial killers led by their sociopath-in-chief and former American-lit professor / Poe scholar Joe Carroll (James Purefoy). The series, only slightly less violent and bloodthirsty than a typical Tarantino movie, is an extended cautionary tale of the dangers we always court when we abdicate our individual critical judgmen

Moral Courage

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This is a re-blog of my very first blog post ever from 2008! I have edited it a tiny bit. Moral courage is a rarer commodity than bravery in battle or great intelligence. Yet it is the one essential, vital quality of those who seek to change a world which yields most painfully to change. - Robert F. Kennedy, in a speech in Capetown, South Africa, June 6, 1966. (Source: Wikiquote ) What are our sources of moral courage? I can tell you that I find moral outrage easy, but where does moral courage come from? Relying on my Methodist heritage, The Wesleyan Quadrilateral would have us examine scripture, tradition, reason, and experience in making deliberations. What does this tell me? What does scripture say? In Hebrew Scriptures and in Christian Scriptures, we are taught to care for the al...

Political Unrest in N.C.

This is how to do political unrest-with love and justice! "Justice and love have never lost. It might get crucified, it might get beat down, but at the end of the day justice and love always win." Rev. Barber