Thursday, July 29

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Tuesday’s Thoughts: I am Grumpy Cat

Tuesday’s Thoughts: I am Grumpy Cat

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Continuing my somewhat heretical exploration of scripture by doing artwork right into the Bible and by responding in Haiku. I found that I was Grumpy Cat today. So I went with it. Side note, I have encountered a lot of people that are more than a little disturbed by the way I am using this Bible. I do hold the Bible to be sacred to me however I resist idolizing it. And as you would see reading Joshua, it's all about killing in the name of God. That calls for resisting and pushing against the text. Yesterday, our resident skeptic, James Cowles, and I were talking online about the way scripture is treated today and in historicity. We both drive through the enlightenment and observe these two things: The enlightenment allowed people to begin to move away from scripture and allows some...
I Didn’t Apologize to the Well … Palestinian Peace Poet, Mahmoud Darwish

I Didn’t Apologize to the Well … Palestinian Peace Poet, Mahmoud Darwish

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With the largest number of migrants the world has ever seen - 244 million in 2015 - people who are displaced by exile, violence, poverty and environmental issues resulting from climate change, it's hard not to think of poets like Darwish who lived or live large portions of their lives in exile from their homelands. “. . . he says I am from there, I am from here, but I am neither there nor here. I have two names which meet and part… I have two languages, but I have long forgotten— which is the language of my dreams” Mahmoud Darwish's farewell to Edward Said (1935-2003), professor of literature at Columbia University, a public intellectual and founder of the field of postcolonial studies. Said was educated in the Western Cannon. He was a Palestinian-American born in Mandatory Palest...

Carlos Andrés Gómez ~ “Genocide” and “Man-up: Reimagining Modern Manhood”

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Mark Twain (a.k.a. Samuel Clemens) famously - or perhaps infamously - was a believer in and adept master of profanity, not as vulgarity, he said, but as release. "Under certain circumstances, urgent circumstances, desperate circumstances, profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer." Mark Twain, a Biography Twain wrote of swearing as "ornamental" when practiced by American miners considered by him to be "gifted among the sons of man." I admit I haven't the gift to turn profanity into art and I have no taste for vulgarity.  You won't catch a swear word on my tongue or even on my mind but I do recognize that there's a time and place and manner. I don't know what Twain would think of award-winning American spoken-word poet, Carlos Andrés Gómez, but I like his work. Carlos moves pro...