Friday, July 3

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Mindful Monday

Mindful Monday

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What are you noticing today? The Mysterious Thicket, or Where the Wild Things Really Are signs point the way to the mysterious thicket of entangled hearts Audubon BirdLoop at Marymoor Park There really is a section on the map called Mysterious Thicket!! © 2013, post and photo, Terri Stewart, All rights reserved

for gramma k.

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i know you to be strong faith-full loving musical. but you look at me from the past and i wonder who that woman was. you seem mysterious shy beguiling soft. did you know then who you would become? did you have dreams of doctor pastor engineer teacher denied to  you because of the circumstance of your birth? or did you look towards the future with a surety knowing motherhood sunday school teacher cook wife were the fulfillment or your dreams? your heart is my heart your eyes are my eyes your hands are my hands. together we have it all. created for Poetry Potluck   for gramma k.