Friday, March 5

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Witness Wednesday – Seeing Beauty

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What is the story yearning to be told within you? ... There is a story yearning to be told in my heart. It has to do with 30+ years of being misdiagnosed. But right now, it is an angry story. As this story churns and yearns, there is another story to be told. One that takes that anger and turns it to beauty. It is the story of being healed by great beauty. Oh, my body is not healed. But my heart is often uplifted and healed by the great beauty I see around me. Sometimes it is absolute perfect beauty. Sometimes it is the beauty of a wabi sabi moment. But always, when I look and become present to where I am now rather than dwelling in the past or borrowing into the future, I see something that takes my breath away. A spider web. A crumpled leaf. Sorrow in a face. Joyful bubblings. Beauty in...