Tuesday, March 9

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Daily Practice for August 22, 2016

Daily Practice for August 22, 2016

Word:  I am super distracted today. I can't seem to focus on stringing two cohesive thoughts together! Last week was so busy that the work I like doing to prepare for worship in the beginning of the week ended up being pushed into Saturday and Sunday morning. Sunday morning is probably not the best time for prepping worship. Luckily, I was just making my sermon notes orderly and cohesive and creating a few slides to go along with the notes. The biggest part of the work had already been done. After church, I crashed. Took a good nap. Now sleeping is where things get sketchy. Since I hurt my shoulder a little over a week ago, finding the comfy sleeping position is a challenge. So the nap, while necessary, made my shoulder hurt worse. Then sleep also was interrupted with shoulder pain. Th...

Reflection Moment

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Today is commencement. It is a rather significant looking back and looking forward looms large. My journey to seminary started in 2003 in a Disciple Bible Study class. We were challenged to do something uncomfortable. That is when I heard "Go to prison." the first time. Then, doing prison ministry, I heard, "I am calling you." Yikes! The upshot is that God's grace has been with me and goes with me. It took two years to finish my BS and then 5 years for my MDIV/Post-Masters Certificate. I have been in school for half of my son's life. No more will he hear, "I have homework to do." Wow. Looking forward, I am hopeful that I will co-create a new way of being church with folks that are among the lost, the least, and the lonely. Heart work. But today, in this moment, I am grate...