Thursday, July 29

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Requiem For Judge Merrick Garland

Requiem For Judge Merrick Garland

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Note: This column was written and scheduled for publication before the results of the election were known. I publish it now only as an exercise in nostalgia:  hearkening back to a time when we could indulge the collective fantasy that the American judicial system would not become the administrator of shari'a law, Trump style. Enjoy while you still can! Left-wingers and progressives have just as much potential to be amygdala-driven fanatics as people on the religious right.  Doubt me? Take a look at “It’s Time To Expel Senate Republicans For Violating the Constitution” recently forwarded to Facebook from a site called PoliticsUSA.  The most salient virtue of the piece is to provide a sterling example of Justice David Souter’s recent warning on YouTube about the dangers of “pervasive ci...

Thank You Jingle!

  Thank you Jingle Haiku Thank you to Jingle For creating poet's home With warm, spacious rooms.        ~Terri And thank you for the "Perfect Poet Award" for Poet's Rally, Week #35.  For Ghost Town. I'd like to nominate (and tell every teen to read) Heather Grace Stewart's "Words".