Sunday, April 11

Tag: napowrimo


Poetry, Post-a-Day, Spirituality
there is something about that note and the melody that languidly curls in the air a feathered piece of straw catching your ear held by the hands of mozart and elvis and even p.d.q. teasing driftly softly down blown by the soft  breeze of progeny cascading joy rising up  like incense holding the gift of past, present, and future  the slightest brush of an angel's wing carrying the melody onward love: for National Poetry Month and the Writing Prompt of Poetic Asides (love) and NaPoWriMo. dedicated to my children

i wonder

Poetry, Post-a-Day, Spirituality
i imagine you will always wonder exactly who your daddy was and if he loved you with a heart as big as time. when you look into the mirror and see his eyes of cobalt looking back at you, will you wonder at the strange foreigner peering through time less ness at the lily? and will you wonder how he could leave you choosing instead his path of littered hearts becoming a soul less along life's way? Wondering: for National Poetry Month and the Writing Prompt of Poetic Asides (poetic form:  Big 10) and NaPoWriMo. Dedicated to my nephew.


Poetry, Post-a-Day, Spirituality
forms assignments prompts positioning community responsiveness sharing presence but my ego my soul my spirit my brain whatever it is that makes me me is screaming out in resistance to sharing or caring to writing or fighting against the world's woes or just the woes of my world. there is something like an alien fighting to be freed from an inane character in a gruesome movie inside that does not want a witness does not want a share of what is going around. resistance, it seems, is futile. the borg will always be us. Resistance: for National Poetry Month and  NaPoWriMo.