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Jazz As My Cure For Monotheism

One of the reasons apocalyptic literature was so popular during times of political and cultural upheaval, e.g., the late first century CE, was because the oppressed people, e.g., Christians during that time, were expecting God to intervene in human history to bring about the downfall of the oppressors like the Romans and, bypassing “normal” history, thereby to effect radical change. Sometimes the oppressors were the Egyptians; sometimes the Ptolemaic dynasty; other times, the Romans; etc., etc.  Each such period generates its own apocalyptic literature, like the Book of Revelation, et al., and each such period is a reaction against the apparent passivity and inaction of God – even the failure of God – to act on behalf of justice for the oppressed. Improbable as it may sound, refl

Unite with Might: Worldwide Creative’s Event for August 11-12

It is tempting to fall into silence when confronted with people whose attitudes and choices are so much different than your own.  For example, we know that Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler, leaders of the alt-right movement, are planning to have another rally and march, similar to the one they had at Charlottesville where Heather Heyer was killed.  We decided to do something about it and I hope you will join us. Unite with Might We are uniting together to stand against hate and to promote hope, love, and inclusion for all of our neighbors. Sometimes it seems that there is so much hatred in the world that it is impossible to know what to do next.  But changing hate to hope, loneliness to love, paranoia to peace, isolation to inclusion, starts with us.  The beloved community.  We are mig