Monday, April 12

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released by time into eternity

Grief, Haiku, poem, prayer
"Easy does it" ... even as we mourn the people we love and are saddened by some of the ways of the world. I'm thinking of all the people I lost last year. It reminds me of a custom in some places - Japan, China, Korea - to write death poems because so often I wish I had a little handwritten note to treasure among the memories, something emblematic of each cherished being. It's a downside to the computer age. Our boxes of notes and letters have grown quite lean. My impression is that the death poems tradition was mostly honored among Buddhist monks and Japanese Samurai. The three classic forms were haiku, waka and kanshi. The gentle death poem that follows is a famous one by Yaitsu, but thus far I have been unable to find much information about him. Note: In the West we tend to title h...
Daily Practice for December 29, 2016

Daily Practice for December 29, 2016

Word:  Wow. 2016 seems to be the year that snatches so many of our luminaries away from us. Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher within the last 36 hours along with Vera Rubin (astronomy). The funnest comment I've seen is David Bowie has created his own alternate universe and is selectively populating it one person at a time. (credit: twitter) There is a lot of grief in the air. When I was younger, pregnant with my first child (who is 23 now), my mom had her second bout with breast cancer. She lost the fight while I was still pregnant. Significantly, since I was doing all the things expectant parents do, I did not take the time to really grieve. It was years later that I was able to finally let go and experience my grief all the way to my toes. By experiencing the true grief, I reclaimed m...

The Cosmology of Jane

Poetry, Spirituality
the cloud of witnesses opens its arms wide to the presence of Jane. Jane runs to them at last resting in their tender compassion. knowing the celebration is just beginning as the guest of honor has arrived. she feels the hospitality of joy, frankincense, and the heartbeat of the cosmos stirring as all raise a glass of living water.      Salud! © 2009, T. Stewart