Wednesday, May 12

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Mindful Monday: Blame, Self-Pity, and Freedom

Mindful Monday: Blame, Self-Pity, and Freedom

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"All blame is a waste of time. No matter how much fault you find with another, and regardless of how much you blame him, it will not change you. The only thing blame does is to keep the focus off you when you are looking for external reasons to explain your unhappiness or frustration. You may succeed in making another feel guilty about something by blaming him, but you won't succeed in changing whatever it is about you that is making you unhappy." -- Wayne Dyer I'm normally not a big Wayne Dyer fan, but he has a point here. We blame our parents, our children, our employers or co-workers, teachers, elected leaders, and others for just how screwed-up our lives have become. We look around, sometimes desperately, for whom to blame for our struggles. Sometimes, even more destructively, we go i...

Mindful Monday: Radical Acceptance, Part 1

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I do a lot of worrying. It's exhausting and makes me anxious, but I can't seem to stop. It's a deeply ingrained habit. If something serious happens to a loved one's health, say, my natural concern transforms into anxiety about what the future may hold. "Oh, no! What if...?" Bleak expectations quickly follow: "It's never going to get better. This will be a lifetime struggle." Really helpful. A few days ago, I read this line on a mindfulness site: "Stop believing that feeling bad makes you a good person." This thought pulled me up short. It's exactly why I worry, though I hadn't realized it before. Unwittingly, I've believed that if I don't worry about a loved one and get myself in a twist when s/he is in trouble, I must not care. In my world, showing and feeling worry equals showing concer...