Monday, July 6

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For the Lenten Photo Invitation Discovery of a mausoleum in the middle of the woods.  The story of a man trying to create a grand legacy that is eventually abandoned and nature begins to take over as concrete cracks and plants creep. A strange testament to the restorative power of creation and the divisive power of humanity.

March 7: Nature

A River of Stones, aros, Haiku, Poetry, Post-a-Day, Spirituality
into the forest humanity's footprint crept creating a morgue    I was absolutely amazed at this thing, the McMillin Mausoleum.  In the middle of the forest, man's creation of a mausoleum honoring self.  Upholding ego.  The prompt today is about a scientist who has developed new plants and flowers.  It isn't really "natural" as we know nature.  It is humanity's tampering with nature.  The chairs are headstones where their ashes are buried.  The hallmarks of this clan are, in this order, "Templars, Methodist, and Republican."  Something about Sigma Chi, too.  More info can be found here.   But every single piece in this mausoleum has symbolic value, even including the number of steps.  Absolutely fascinating!  I wish the photos were better.  All I had was my cell phone.  Also, please ...