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The Hazards Of Being Messiah

The Hazards Of Being Messiah

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Progressives need to grow the hell up. What they need to outgrow is a certain prominent feature I have noticed in the political psychology of progressivism, especially – though certainly not exclusively – religiously grounded / motivated progressivism. Progressives, both religious and secular, entertain a certain, usually more or less implicit, nostalgia for perfection ... the perfect political candidate in particular. Sometimes they think they actually find such a candidate ... Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, etc. ... and become over-the-top enthusiastic for the candidacy of that person. Sometimes that candidate ends up being elected. But then -- as is bound to happen -- the progressive favorite, once in office, fails in addressing some issue especially close to the hearts of progres...

Free, Female, Of Motley Race, Sixty-five

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I've been known to chat with birds in public places To rescue lost worms sizzling on the pavement in summer To photograph the irrepressable in every garden To weave music, emotion and story into poetry I'm know to be free, female, of motley race and sixty-five © 2015, poem and photograph, Jamie Dedes (The Poet by Day), All rights reserved Please join us for the April issue of The BeZine today. We're celebrating interNational Poetry Month in concert with Second Light Network of Women Poets (SLN)* The BeZine is a publication of Bequine Again and The Bardo Group. * Second Light Nework of Women Poets is open world-wide to women poets over forty. Affiliate membership is available for those under 40. Details on SLN's website.
You Can Skip Reading This Post …

You Can Skip Reading This Post …

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 ... because you've read it before. Or some cognate of it. Many times. Dozens of times. It may be hundreds of times. By many writers. Over the years. Why? Because it's about "The Problem of Evil". And after maybe 4,000 years worth of attempts, perhaps beginning with the book of Job -- certainly no later than that -- there is literally nothing to say that hasn't already been said. Many times. But, in light of recent events, I'll have another go at it. Since this is too important an issue to be dealt with in terms of bloodless abstractions, let's take a concrete, particular, discrete example: imagine a commercial airliner flying over an active war zone. A commander on the ground launches, or orders the launch of, a surface-to-air missile, which hits the plane and destroys it, precipitating ...