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JOY . . . in the essence of magic

JOY . . . in the essence of magic

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"It’s entirely conceivable that life’s splendor surrounds us all, and always in its complete fullness, accessible but veiled, beneath the surface, invisible, far away. But there it lies, not hostile, not reluctant, not deaf. If we call it by the right word, by the right name, then it comes. This is the essence of magic, which doesn’t create but calls.” Franz Kafka, from his diaries HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL AND TO ALL THE VERY BEST 2019. May peace prevail. ♥ - Jamie Dedes (The Poet by Day and The BeZine)
God As NON-Magician

God As NON-Magician

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I like Pope Francis I. His openness to sexual-orientation minorities and his solicitude toward the poor are in marked contrast to the hard-line intransigence more characteristic of past Pontiffs.  Church teachings about abortion, birth control – the “life” issues generally – and such matters as women’s ordination and same-sex marriage remain substantially unchanged.  (I say “substantially” because, even on some of these issues, the Pope’s recent statements have been interestingly nuanced. God – so to speak – is in the details.)  Bill Maher often says he strongly suspects that Pope Francis – “Pope Frank” as Maher sometimes calls him – is actually a closet atheist.  (I think Maher is only half serious about such statements. But the operative word is “half”:  I do think Maher is half s...


I was thinking about the way that patterns form Windblown, with just a touch of magic And how dreams bump into each other Meld into each other Change each other I think it’s called the collective unconscious But does it matter? Patterns Walking about, making meaning, destroying the past while building it into our future I wonder about the patterns of letters How A always follows before B And about numbers The patterns of one-thousand The patterns of one-million The patterns of five Four Three Two One Go Go somewhere And rest a little while You’re a pattern of yourself And sometimes, we need to give up our duplicating to let go - Colin Jon d. What's your pattern? What's your pattern for rest? How does rest fall into your pattern? Also! Happy February!