Monday, April 19

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Prayer Request

Hi all!  I have slacked off the Lenten Journey for a couple days because my son is in the hospital.  I'd love if you send healing prayers his way.  And I'll catch up the journey shortly.Love,Terri


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mountains flashing with blood, fire, and smoky mists transforming the world ...  Inspired by the Lenten Journey reading of  Acts 2:14-24 People on a Lenten Journey Lorot Poetry: Echoes of the Hills Becca Givens at On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea Terri at What About God? Jonathan Stone Granbee Michael (Booguloo) Chèvrefeuille Roy DeLeon at Expressive Prayer

What is Lent and Why is it Longer than 40 Days?

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Lent is the time between Shrove Tuesday ending when Christ is risen on Easter.  It is a 40 day period EXCEPT for the feast days.  That's right!  You don't have to count the feast days.  What are the feast days?  Well, Sundays for starters.  Each Sunday symbolizes Easter.  So mathematically: April 7 (Holy Saturday) - February 22 (Ash Wednesday) = 8 + 31 + 7 = 46.  How many Sundays? 6.  How many days?  40. In the Lenten Journey I started, I did not account for Feast Days.  But, it was a conscious choice.  I know, for myself, if I don't keep myself in the swing of things, I will falter.  (Sigh.) The time of Lent and Easter are historically recorded in writings as early as 203 CE by St. Irenaeus.  Although, even at that early time, practices were varied between the Eastern and Western church....