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Jumping The Brexit Shark

Jumping The Brexit Shark

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For the last several weeks, I have been following the news out of the UK about the Parliament’s vote on PM Theresa May’s foredoomed plan for Brexit, including one installment of “Prime Minister’s questions,” which, for obvious reasons, centered on the still-falling debris from the May government’s unprecedented 230-vote blow-up of Mrs. May's Brexit deal. It had all the tragic dignity of, say, Sophocles’ Oedipus trilogy:  you know what is going to happen, but for that very reason, you simply cannot bring yourself to avert your gaze. I was all the more horrified because, knowing the Parliament vote was imminent and that it would be followed by the 29 March deadline imposed by Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, I had begun some weeks before to read about the European Union (EU), Brexit, and...


This is my son's graduation in 2011. At this time, he was leaving childhood and entering adulthood. Additionally, this particular photo has the bouncing dino. This dino was symbolic of a classmate who committed suicide one week prior to graduation. Perhaps a last moment of spiritual play for these kids with their classmate. My son's classmate left this world because of too much pain to handle. (And props to the administration for sanctioning and encouraging this bouncing dino.) And for those of you who know my son, he's in there! Maybe this will be a game of "Where's Waldo" for you. And apologies for the blurriness. We all felt blurry this day. For the Lenten Photo Invitation #40days #leave #lent #rethinkchurch @rethinkchurch @sophiakris