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Laughter – Prayerful Tuesday

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Psalm 126:2a our mouths shall be filled with laughter, our tongues, with songs of joy Last Christmas Day my gift from Santa was a pinched nerve in my back. Apparently our dear Santa thought that was either funny or I was really bad last year.  Actually the problem is due to the fact that we humans stand upright. If we still walked on our knuckles like other apes we would have fewer problems. But then we wouldn’t be able to see over the tall person, in the tacky Uncle Sam hat, during the 4th of July parade would we. Any way I digress.  What I am trying to say is in order to deal with the pain I have rediscovered the value of laughter as a spiritual practice.  Like the little mouse above I have learned the grace of sharing my joy at being alive instead of being the grouch my beloved Joh...
Postcards from Route 66

Postcards from Route 66

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I turned 66 on 5 April 2015.  The following are some "postcards" -- only a tiny sample:  their name is "Legion", for they are many -- in aphoristic form of a few of the lessons I believe I have learned from that six-plus-decades-and-counting of experience. o For those of you who still believe in a personal God, some lessons from those dim and dusty times when I did, also ... Don’t waste time trying to discern and follow “God’s will”. God’s will is either obvious – so obvious that you don’t need God to show it to you – or, if it is not obvious, it is unknowable. I spent the better part of my 66 years believing in and trying to discover and do "God’s will", and never experienced any assurance whatsoever that I succeeded. Hay-yull's bay-yulls and Oyster Shay-yulls! What do you think made me ...

A Serving of Laughter with Sides of Truth and Irony

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Photograph of Pywacket Dedes, 19?? - 2002 (from the family album) Often she looked like this, as though she too was smiling at our jokes. "From over the wall I could hear the laughter of women in a foreign tongue, in the sun-rinsed air of the city. They sat (so I thought) perfumed in their hats and their silks, in chairs on the grass amid flowers glowing and swaying. One spoke and the others rang like bells, oh so witty, like bells till the sound filled up the garden and lifted." The Laughter of Women, Mary Sherman-Willis, The Hudson Review, Autumn 2007 This just in from friend and world-class calligrapher, Linda F. I asked God for a bike, but I know God doesn't work that way. So, I stole a bike and asked for forgiveness. Sex is not the answer. Sex is a question. "Yes" is the answe...