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Mindful Monday: Facing loss and change

Buddhism, Change, faith, mindfulness, Spirituality
 I've had a mega-dose of loss and change over the past several years of my life. It dragged me so far down for so long that I've had a hard time extracting myself from the swamp of victimhood and despair. I think I'm finally ready to emerge, albeit slowly, from the mucky lagoon, accepting that I can't return to who I was before and wanting to find a new way forward. "Examining our lives and losses for deeper meaning is an important part of being on a spiritual path. Yet loss and suffering can also bring faith. Suffering can be redemptive; it helps burn away superficiality and complacency. Buddha said that suffering is the proximate cause for the arising of faith and compassion... [Loss shows you] that if you don't face change, you miss the opportunity to extract, digest, and internalize t