Thursday, December 3

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Tuesday’s Temptation:  Not Being Curious

Tuesday’s Temptation: Not Being Curious

I waffled about what today's post is:  Not Being Curious or Forgetting. It is about how we approach history. Do we forget the unpleasant bits? Or are humans not curious enough to ask questions raising up the unpleasant bits? Maybe both. But for today, I'll go with not being curious. I just got back from Grenada. It is beautiful there. I had no idea what to expect. I have only been to the Caribbean once about 30 years ago when I literally won a trip in a drawing to go to the Cayman Islands. I chose Grenada because we were recommended to go to an all-inclusive resort for a change--we normally camp and do lots of work on vacations. The suggestion was to take it easy, I believe. Also, my hubs was tired of doing so much work during our camping vacations. For once, a little pampering was in o...

It’s All Sacred Space

I originally published this at Into the Bardo. Sometimes I think that we all need universal translators when we are trying to understand each other across cultures, belief systems, and personal social locations-to go where we have not gone before. Often, though, it takes someone yelling at us to knock us out of our system of thinking and gives us the ability to see things in a new and visionary way that connects rather than divides. All too often we cannot get to this point because we walk away when we things are uncomfortable, challenging, or abrasive. And no doubt, abrasive is yucky. Witness: the US government interactions right now. What to do? Enter deeply into the story of the other person. This is a spiritual practice. I call it Extreme Accompaniment (should I trademark that?)...