Tuesday, July 7

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Tuesday’s Thoughts: Implicit Bias in Sacred Stories

Tuesday’s Thoughts: Implicit Bias in Sacred Stories

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From my daily practice today, I encountered implicit bias. Implicit bias is: "The attitudes or stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions, and decisions in an unconscious manner.  These biases, which encompass both favorable and unfavorable assessments, are activated involuntarily and without an individual’s awareness or intentional control.  Residing deep in the subconscious, these biases are different from known biases that individuals may choose to conceal for the purposes of social and/or political correctness.  Rather, implicit biases are not accessible through introspection." The dude in today's story needs the reiteration of another dude to understand and hear the woman. There you have it. A Few Key Characteristics of Implicit Biases from the Kirwan Institute: Imp...

Disciple Bible Study: Week 8

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I’m participating in Disciple Bible Study, a 34 week intensive. For five days, we have different readings.  I have decided to document my initial noticings from a close reading of the scripture. Well, an attempt at a close reading. Week 8 Theme:  Leadership Week 8 Readings:  Joshua 1-6, Judges 1-16 Noticings: Notes on Joshua 1:5 – this sounds like wedding vows between G*d and Joshua 1:18 – these are very strong words 2:1 – the spies going to Jericho stop and visit Rahab. I am wondering why they stop and visit the house of a prostitute when they are in the big city. Boys gone wild? 2:17–19 – it think it's interesting that the spies tell all this stuff to Rahab in the negative instead of saying "if you hang this red cord outside your door you'll be safe" they say it in the negative, ...