Wednesday, April 21

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Morning Comes Gently

Morning Comes Gently

journey, Joy
Sleep moves with visions of events to come and with stories and poems I've yet to write - with gardens I dream to plant and songs that never sang themselves before Sometimes I meet myself in different incarnations child, youth, young mother, wizened crone  Then morning comes gently  in soft refrains "Rise and Shine" The freshness of daybreak peeks in through blinds Breezes stroke the shears with familiar affection Ears spark to the rhythm of the rain on the roof or the prattle of birds in trees and on telephone wires I hear the bell at St. Joe's ... I wonder ~ then realize I'm no longer a schoolgirl From someplace in time comes the baby's murmur, but that gift is grown and gone now I reach for the man and with relief remember he's another woman's Sisyphean task The cat, I move to pull her...
Into the Fault Zone

Into the Fault Zone

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Throughout religious history, wilderness has been associated with sacred space. Mt. Zion, Mt. Tabor, Mt. Olympus, the wilderness outside Jerusalem, Heart Butte, Sacred Bear Butte, and the list goes on. Sacred places which attract people questing for beauty and for a glimpse into something beyond us. Jesus, in particular, has a significant experience in the wilderness as he confronts temptation and moves past it, to be transformed by his experience.All over the world, people religious live in the wilderness--the Celtic "thin places." Places where the realm between what is and what could be seem unified in a spiritual wild-zone. Thin places offer the potential for transformation. I'd like to invite you to travel into the wilderness of "The Earthquake Trail" with me and Colin (my son).The Ear...

Witness Wednesday – I AM

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What is the story yearning to be told within you? ... There is an exercise that we do in SoulCollage(TM). You look at the artwork you have produced, and then write out, for about 15 minutes, "I am the one who _________________ " filling in the blank. You put yourself into the picture and use the collage to illustrate a truth about yourself. And then there is the writing prompt I was given at the Soulsister retreat to write a skinny poem based on "I am ________." And then there is the definition of the holy name of in Hebrew scripture which translates to "I was, I am, I will be." I. AM. Yesterday I sat with a youth in the detention center and we did the SoulCollage(TM) project and she answered, "I am the one who wants attention and wants to hide." That was great awareness. Last week I ...