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Tuesday’s Thoughts: I am Grumpy Cat

Tuesday’s Thoughts: I am Grumpy Cat

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Continuing my somewhat heretical exploration of scripture by doing artwork right into the Bible and by responding in Haiku. I found that I was Grumpy Cat today. So I went with it. Side note, I have encountered a lot of people that are more than a little disturbed by the way I am using this Bible. I do hold the Bible to be sacred to me however I resist idolizing it. And as you would see reading Joshua, it's all about killing in the name of God. That calls for resisting and pushing against the text. Yesterday, our resident skeptic, James Cowles, and I were talking online about the way scripture is treated today and in historicity. We both drive through the enlightenment and observe these two things: The enlightenment allowed people to begin to move away from scripture and allows some...
Inspiration Sunday: Being Called into New Growth

Inspiration Sunday: Being Called into New Growth

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A little secret: I am preaching on Sunday. So today's inspiration is gleaned from random thoughts about what I have been studying. And I have been studying names. In the Gospel of Matthew, the story of Jesus' beginning has an angel telling Joseph the name for this baby:  Jesus. Jesus is the English form of Yeshua which is a form of Joshua. Yep. Joshua. Where have we heard that before? Joshua is the name of the guy in Hebrew scripture who takes the people into the promised land. How is that for being saddled with a name? Joshua also means, arguably, "God saves." Additionally, Matthew references the Book of Isaiah and the name Immanuel, "God with us." And I think being saddled with a name like Terri is a problem! Well, I don't really think it is a problem, but in second grade, I had problem...

Disciple Bible Study: Week 8

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I’m participating in Disciple Bible Study, a 34 week intensive. For five days, we have different readings.  I have decided to document my initial noticings from a close reading of the scripture. Well, an attempt at a close reading. Week 8 Theme:  Leadership Week 8 Readings:  Joshua 1-6, Judges 1-16 Noticings: Notes on Joshua 1:5 – this sounds like wedding vows between G*d and Joshua 1:18 – these are very strong words 2:1 – the spies going to Jericho stop and visit Rahab. I am wondering why they stop and visit the house of a prostitute when they are in the big city. Boys gone wild? 2:17–19 – it think it's interesting that the spies tell all this stuff to Rahab in the negative instead of saying "if you hang this red cord outside your door you'll be safe" they say it in the negative, ...