Tuesday, July 7

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Tuesday’s Thoughts:  Close Reading

Tuesday’s Thoughts: Close Reading

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I'm reading the Bible through again but art journaling and writing poetry inspired by what I'm reading.  I'm also trying to do a close reading.  Close reading, according to Duke Divinity School is: A close reading involves a careful balance of argument and evidence, all centered rigorously on the text at hand. Like biblical exegesis, a close reading begins with a careful study of what the text actually says, word by word and line by line. I think it also involves putting preconceived notions away for a while.  For my reading, I do that.  For my poetry, I sometimes borrow notions from other places.  I did that today to delve into the symbolism of a tree that is cut down.  Going through Job has me putting away the notion of the perfect Job and the imperfect friends.  For now.  We'll see wh...