Wednesday, August 4

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Joy … in ancestral memory

"The past could be jettisoned ... but the seeds got carried." Joan Dideon, Where I Was From out of the womb of Time they slidepeasants and kings, artisans and queensmurders, warriors, healers, peacemakersthe mothers and grandmotherson whose shoulders we stand they are with us, their spirits sensedthough unseentheir hearts are in our mouthsas they guard and guide feet rooted in the mud of Earthwe drink the wine, eat the rootsand sing the songs we inheritedtheir sayings are our sayingstheir voices are our voicescarried on breezeslike the music of cathedral bellslike the call of the muezzinthey chime and summonthey sum what came before from their gnosiswhispered in the ear of silencewe learn: we are nameless but not lostwe too shall echoshall be the shouldersshal...
JOY . . . I am beautiful now

JOY . . . I am beautiful now

Joy, poem
I have been searching Old Woman and I find her in mySelf Daughters of Copper Woman, Ann Cameron In case you haven’t noticed, I’m beautiful now, beautiful in ways I never was in callow youth ... On fire now with the violet fire of soul speak, treading a lighter path with a brighter spirit. · Sparking pink tourmaline, green jade, amethyst. Blue sapphire flashing through the cloud of my being, shooting stars in a cobalt sky of my heart. I shed the pyrite, lead, hematite, the heavy, the dross. Lost in a whisper of indigo dreams ... like a gray sparrow feather I float through Eternity, a fragile-strong willow-wisp of joy. · In case you haven’t noticed, I am beautiful now, beautiful in the way of all young women in that once-upon-a-time when they were old....
JOY … in our ability to reach out and love

JOY … in our ability to reach out and love

Joy, poem, Poetry
  I think human beings are remarkable for their ability to reach out and love even though they know it’s all going end. the wheat has ripened, the lavender is fading white jasmine breaths into gray signs of rain in your lively days, you were light and laughter now i know you as a shadow across the face of the moon, an empty house in my heartland © 2015, poem and illustration, Jamie Dedes (The Poet by Day and The BeZine), All rights reserved