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The Architecture Of Liberty And The First Amendment

As strange as it will probably sound coming from me, in the 6 years (as of this month) writing my “Skeptic’s Collection” column for Beguine, I have never published a “Skeptic’s Collection ” column dedicated exclusively and entirely to the First Amendment. I have alluded to it, hyperlinked to it, but never written about the entire First Amendment. That is as strange as a devout Christian never quoting John 3:16 or an observant Jew never mentioning the sh’ma or a devout Muslim never referring to the shahada. So I am going to remedy this egregious omission. I like to use an architectural analogy vis a vis the First Amendment. The First Amendment partakes of the spare elegance of a Doric temple. The First Amendment is founded on the Enlightenment principle, newly rediscovered in t...
“Marbury” And Me — An Autobiography

“Marbury” And Me — An Autobiography

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I originally intended to publish a column on the 1803 Supreme Court decision Marbury v. Madison last week, 22 November. In fact, I had the column finished, edited, and scheduled when Diane read what I had written and suggested that, instead of publishing the Marbury column then, that perhaps I should preface the Marbury column with a much more autobiographical “Skeptic’s Collection” column (1) narrating how I had become interested in that landmark case in order to (2) give some context for the Marbury column itself, and then (3)  subsequently publish the Marbury column the Thursday after – as it turns out, 6 December. Diane’s suggestion was very astute. So the following is a kind of intellectual autobiography of my very-much-ongoing love affair with Marbury v. Madison. Quixotic as it n...