Thursday, July 29

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Tuesday’s Temptation:  Finding a new way to look at things

Tuesday’s Temptation: Finding a new way to look at things

Today, rather than talk about temptations, I'm going to share my daily journal practice.  It is biblical in nature but often the questions are generalizable.  I have been reading and contemplating scripture through the lens of leadership.  The more I read, the more I am convinced that nothing has changed.  Perhaps that is the temptation--to think that we are unique unicorns when in fact, we are the same as the people before us. In my daily journal practice, I create art directly into my Bible and write some sort of poetic response, most frequently haiku.  By next week, I'll be done with Isaiah and looking into Song of Songs. Drawn from the sea A people remembered: You are my delight Isaiah 63-64 Whew! I'm getting close to the end of Isaiah. In these chapters, Israel is back...
Sabbath Saturday: Gift Beyond Measure

Sabbath Saturday: Gift Beyond Measure

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In Isaiah 58:13-14, I found an explanation of what sabbath should be. I've taken a moment to re-write it into modern language that would (may ) make the intention accessible to people across many different points of view: If you don't trample a day of healing rest, If you stop yourself from focusing on your own interests on one healing day, If you find a moment to delight in wholeness and make it honorable, If you take that day, hold it up, give it light, and do not become selfish, Then you shall find delight and you will ascend to the heights of joy, And you will receive a gift beyond measure. Notes about what not to do: pursue your own interests do not go your own way serve your own interests pursue your own affairs Sabbath is an important reminder to take time to focus outside our...
Bathing in the Light (an Advent Reflection)

Bathing in the Light (an Advent Reflection)

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Our host today is Frank Watson of This is the final posting of Advent! For more about Frank, please scroll to the end. Bathing in the Light A micropoetry sequence inspired by Isaiah 60, 1-6 though he had only one book its withered pages contained the secrets he had wandered for decades to find lost from his path the woods were covered in fog between the trees between the leaves he followed a light that would bring him home for as the Earth revolves there is someone somewhere that bathes in the golden light of a warming dawn and above the Earth we see below the golden remnants of God’s reflection and birds that rise to heaven to leave their song behind ... ... 1 Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you. 2 For darkness sha...