Saturday, September 19

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Vulnerability on a Sunday Evening

I've let you all down recently by disappearing. I've plunged into words in a different way. I'll tell you more if you let me, but for now, since I've been gone so long, I'll share this. VULNERABILITY is not a weakness, a passing indisposition, or something we can arrange todo without, vulnerability is not a choice, vulnerability is the underlying, everpresent and abiding under-current of our natural state. To run fromvulnerability is to run from the essence of our nature, the attempt to beinvulnerable is the vain attempt to become something we are not and mostespecially, to close off our understanding of the grief of others. Moreseriously, in refusing our vulnerability we refuse to ask for the help needed atevery turn of our existence and immobilize the essential, tidal andconversat...

Make Me a Channel of Your Peace

inspiration Lord, make me an instrument of your peace Where there is hatred, let me sow love Where there is injury, pardon Where there is doubt, faith Where there is despair, hope Where there is darkness, light And where there is sadness, joy O Divine Master, grant that I may Not so much seek to be consoled as to console To be understood, as to understand To be loved, as to love For it is in giving that we receive And it's in pardoning that we are pardoned And it's in dying that we are born to Eternal Life Amen.

Worshiping in a Time of Pandemic

Uncategorized It has been years since I've had the chance to worship on Sunday morning in a sanctuary. but in this time of pandemic, I can now go to church again! I didn't want to include the link to the service here, but I thought this video of the Stations of the Cross might give you an idea of what kind of experience being there would be. It was quiet and rather simple, but one of the most reverent worship services I've ever attended. Thank You, God! Please bless them, and thank You for touching my heart through them.