Friday, July 30

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“Popular Sovereignty” and Marriage Equality

“Popular Sovereignty” and Marriage Equality

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One of the more enlightened-sounding proposals aimed at resolving the question of marriage equality for sexual-orientation minorities is to allow each State in the Nation to decide the issue, either with a vote of the State legislature via initiative and referendum, where the State constitution permits such, or to allow each individual State’s legislature to decide the issue. This alternative appeals to the “democracy instinct” that is pretty much encoded into the Nation’s political DNA. But this perception is deceptive. We have seen this movie before, and its deeper implications are anything but friendly toward individual rights. The first time we saw the “let-the-States-decide” movie was in 1858 with the Lincoln-Douglas debates. All that is different, 1858 vs. now, is the specific matter...
And Speaking of Immigration …

And Speaking of Immigration …

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… which I wasn’t, but now that I have your attention … I have a solution for, probably not all, but certainly a major portion of the undocumented immigrant issue. Now, before you fling yourself supine upon the floor, slobbering with gratitude, and wailing “O mighty and beneficent Skeptic-in-Residence! I wish God had made me cool like you!”, please hear me out. First of all, I hope you were not wearing sandals when you read the stuff in quotes in the previous sentence. Messy. But secondly … I think one reason people come across the border, hide in the shadows of American society, and never get around to taking the citizenship test and “going legal” is because the citizenship test is so … well … there’s really no nice way to say this … because the US citizenship test is so boooo-rrrring. So...


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Hibiscus, a photo by terrijane01 on Flickr. When viewed up close, this Hibiscus becomes another thing altogether. We miss the greenery, the stamen is out of the picture, it is a swirl of colors inviting your eye to the center. Much like life. When we focus too closely on just one aspect of things, we lose the bigger picture. We become all about our own, specialized niche and forget that "all God's critters got a place in the choir!" To quote a silly song. And as lovely, and beautiful, and ethereal the view up close is, it is only part of the picture. hibiscus blooming vibrantly enticing admiration but see the stem! quiet and solid support conceding ego. Via Flickr: Hibiscus, Photo by Terri Stewart