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Constitution As Verb

Constitution As Verb

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I am having an experience I have seldom – I won’t quite say “never” – experienced in life:  hope. Were the phrase not already taken, I would even make bold to say I am experiencing the “audacity of hope”. Beginning in early childhood, I learned very well to be extremely cautious in succumbing to promiscuous hope. For a long time, my working hypothesis in life was written by the Greek / Cretan author Nikos Kazantzakis, who wrote Zorba the Greek, Report to Greco, and The Last Temptation of Christ:  "Hope is a rotten-thighed whore". In fact, I learned to be a “hope anorexic”:  to subsist on the absolute minimum of hope that would permit me to maintain a sketchy simulacrum of sanity. Without getting lost in past history, I will say that this tendency is traceable to my experience with Chri...

JEWS, CHRISTIANS, MUSLIMS, UNITARIAN UNIVERSALSITS: San Francisco Peninsula Clergy Standing In Solidarity for the sacredness of all humans

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As you might suspect, there was a reason for featuring Emma Lazarus and her poem, The New Colossus, as part of the American She-Poets series this a.m. ... the reason being a reminder of our American ideals in the face an unreasonable ban, free-flowing hostilitities, and the fear vulnerable people have given the ramped-up deportation policies finding support and stride under the current Republican administration. Almost all immigrants to this country are refugees even if they are not formally declared so. Formally or informally they seek refuge from violence, poverty, joblessness, hunger and environmental degradation. “Now “refugees” are those of us who have been so unfortunate as to arrive in a new country without means and have to be helped by refugee committees .... We lost our home...
Jesús and the Attempted Exodus: A U.S. Border Tragedy

Jesús and the Attempted Exodus: A U.S. Border Tragedy

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Reprinted with permission, from Rev. Mark Sandlin of The God Article (Sometimes fiction helps us see past our blind spots and get to the heart of a matter. I don’t typically write fiction, but this time I felt like it was calling for it. Much has been written about the humanitarian and even biblical call to care for the children at the U.S/Mexican border – even the Pope has helped give us perspective [#popecrush #on]. I wanted to humanize the story in order to get at the realities beneath it without predefining sides. The following is a work of short fiction, not a short blog post. Any similarities to living people is unintended.) Jesús was a special kid. He always had been. People were talking about him before he was born. He never quite understood the fuss, but folks said his mom w...